Advantages and Disadvantages of Clear Aligners

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Technology has made the process of treating misaligned teeth easier for everyone. Clear aligners are a new alternative to traditional metal braces that have been around for decades. They’re made of clear, thin plastic that goes over the teeth and gradually shifts them into place. They can correct minor orthodontic problems like crowding, misalignment, or gaps. However, they take patience and commitment because you have to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours per day to obtain the desired results fully.

An advantage to this kind of orthodontic appliance is that it’s removable; thus, you can remove them when eating or brushing your teeth. But not all clear aligners work for everyone, so you must find one that suits your needs best. If you’re considering getting clear aligners, read on below as we list some of the pros and cons of using this as an orthodontic treatment option. 

What Are Clear Aligners?

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The popularity of clear orthodontic devices called aligners is rising as more adults are finding success with this treatment. The aligners are custom-built depending on how severe the alignment problem is. The device gradually shifts them into position until all their crookedness has finally been corrected; this process usually takes around 18 months or less than two years. 

Some people prefer the clear aligners to treat misalignment because they are transparent, which gives you a subtle appearance with no metal wires or brackets attached to them, making them less noticeable than traditional metal braces. 

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How Can Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?

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Orthodontic aligners can help keep your teeth straight and close spaces. It is excellent for people who have mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues. However, some people may need more complex treatment due to severe crowding, spacing problems, underbites/overbite conditions.

The clear aligners are made from a special plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over your teeth. You’ll get one every few weeks to gradually shift the teeth into their desired position. With each new version, they will make slight adjustments to move the teeth throughout the treatment. Thus, you can see how much progress has been made over time.  

To get the most out of your aligners, it’s essential to wear them in order and follow instructions; wearing one too early or late can result in teeth that are only slightly moved but still crooked. This aligner will feel tight when you first put it on, but after a while, the teeth will start feeling loose. It means that an aligner from the next series is needed, and you should expect more to come for your teeth to become straight.

 Aligners need time and patience as they require you to keep them in for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. It is only taken off long enough to eat, clean your mouth or brush your teeth. Neglecting this responsibility means treatment can take longer than expected. Thus, discipline and commitment are essential throughout the treatment process.

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Advantages of Clear Aligners  

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Almost Invisible 

Clear aligners are the perfect solution for those who want to straighten their teeth but don’t like the look of metal braces. Celebrities and public figures have used them while living in the spotlight and on the red carpet without anyone noticing they are wearing them. 

There isn’t anything better than having your pearly whites straightened with clear aligners because it’s done discreetly, which means you don’t need to worry about others judging what they see on you.

No Food or Dietary restrictions

 Clear aligners offer more freedom than ever before. You no longer have to worry about what you’re eating. You take out the aligners and enjoy all sorts of treats. However, to avoid any potential damage when eating with your aligners on, refrain from hard and chewy food or drinks like wine and coffee that may stain them. 

Easy brushing & Flossing 

Braces are notorious for trapping food and causing poor dental hygiene. Those with braces are at great risk of developing cavities, swollen gums and permanent white stains on their teeth. It is because it can be tricky to brush and floss the teeth.

With clear aligners, no metal in your mouth acts as a trap for food particles like braces do, so it is more convenient to brush and floss to maintain your oral hygiene. You would do the same routine as you would before you had the clear aligners.

Fewer dental appointments 

Braces require constant attention and upkeep. They are like cars that require regular check-ups and even repairs. When your car has to have the alignment checked or needs an oil change every so often, braces need these types of things, too, like bonding brackets or changing wires. Also, don’t forget about all those rubber bands that keep everything in place.

Many of the time-consuming procedures with braces are eliminated in clear aligner treatment. The typical appointment for braces takes 20-40 minutes, while for a clear aligner, it can take as little as 10 minutes. Those with braces usually see their orthodontist at 6 to 8-week intervals, while those with clear aligners visits every 10 to 12 weeks. Thus, fewer days at work or school are missed.

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More comfortable 

Braces may not be the most popular thing to get, but they can make a big difference in your smile. There is usually some discomfort from the new braces and wires placed on them, and it takes some getting used to. Moreover, you can expect sore teeth for a couple of days while you’re adjusting, as this process often happens with everyone.

Clear aligners are the perfect solution for people who are worried about getting sore, irritated gums from braces. The device uses clear, plastic trays which gradually straighten your teeth without the pain and discomfort associated with traditional braces.  

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Disadvantages of Clear Aligners

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You need to wear them for about 22 hrs per day

Self-motivation and discipline are critical to effective clear aligner treatment. When aligners can come on and off so quickly, some people may find themselves forgetting to put them back in or losing their aligners altogether. It is recommended that you’ll wear them for about 20 to 22 hours a day, which means all the time – except when you’re eating and brushing your teeth.

How you wear your clear aligners can impact the duration, cost, and quality of treatment. A couple of things will happen if you are unable to wear your aligners as instructed:

  1. Your teeth won’t keep up with the aligner, which may result in a more extended treatment period.
  2. You may get sore teeth and experience more discomfort (as bad as braces).
  3. The final treatment result won’t look good as you expect it to be even though you paid for it just like those who wore theirs correctly and got better results.
  4. It could not fix tooth or bite problems if they’re not worn exactly as how it is prescribed.
Not recommended for people who snack and constantly eat 

Clear aligners should not be worn during mealtime. The aligners will trap food particles and result in yellowed, discoloured aligners and cause cavities or gum disease if left on for too long. Before placing the clear aligner back after eating or drinking, make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly. 

Also, suppose you frequently eat snacks between meals or drink coffee and other beverages throughout the day. In that case, you may find those clear aligners disrupts your regular daily routine.

We all know that habits are hard to change. But in this case, you’ll be changing your habits for the better! You will need to eat at specific times and sip water instead of coffee. As with anything new, it takes time for the body to get used to these changes. While it is not necessarily an extra benefit, some patients say they experience weight loss during their treatment and other perks like increased productivity from eating more often.

Speaking takes practice 

When you first try your clear aligners, it may feel a little awkward to speak. You might have trouble pronouncing certain words or speaking in general, for that matter. Fortunately, these issues go away within just a couple of days, so don’t be discouraged! We recommend reading aloud while wearing them every day during the first week of use to help train your tongue and make adapting quicker and easier on yourself.

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Final Thoughts

To make the best choice for your teeth, you must understand all of your options. We hope this blog post has helped provide insight into what clear aligners are and how they work. 

If you’re still undecided if clear aligners are suitable for your teeth, we can help. Our dental experts are ready to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during the process and will work with you to find a solution that feels natural and fits perfectly into your lifestyle. We encourage you to contact our office today by calling 08 9532 0247.

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