Implant-retained Dentures in Byford

Do you have dentures that are uncomfortable or ill-fitting? Implant-retained dentures may be right for you! Implants provide a much more stable foundation for your dentures, so you can eat and speak with confidence. At Byford Smiles, we offer implant-retained dentures as a way to improve both the function and appearance of your smile.

implant retained dentures in byford

The Stability of Implant-retained Dentures Makes Chewing and Speaking Easy

If you’re looking for a better way to keep your dentures in place, Byford Smiles offers implant-retained dentures!
the stability of implant retained dentures makes chewing and speaking easy
Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and unreliable. You never know when they might slip out of place. Implant-retained dentures are much more secure and stable, making them an excellent option for individuals missing teeth but have trouble wearing traditional dentures.

Implant-retained dentures are a set of dentures that are attached to the jaw bone by implants. Two to four strategically placed dental implants secure the dentures in place. An implant-retained denture is functionally stable but still easy to remove and clean. Our Byford Smiles dentists are trained and skilled to give you the stability and durability of implant-retained dentures to help you perform oral functions with ease and confidence.

Advantages of Implant-retained Dentures

The benefits of implant-retained dentures go beyond merely enhancing your smile.
advantages of implant retained dentures 1


A significant advantage of implant-retained dentures is that they look and feel a lot like your real teeth. If you're self-conscious about wearing dentures, this dental treatment offers a more natural look and feel. Implant-retained dentures are also much more comfortable to wear.

advantages of implant retained dentures 2


Implant-retained dentures are anchored directly to your jaw bone via dental implants. You will not have to worry about them falling out or moving in your mouth. This stability also makes them function like naturally healthy teeth and improves your bite force.

advantages of implant retained dentures 3

Prevents Bone Loss

Implants are usually made of titanium, which bonds with the bone tissue. This bond stimulates bone growth and prevents bone loss. Implant-retained dentures preserve the health and shape of your jaw bone and maintain your facial structure.

Why Our Patients Love Byford Smiles

At Byford Smiles, our number one priority is providing our patients with high-quality dental care at prices that are easy on the budget.
why choose byford smiles as your next dentist
At Byford Smiles, we genuinely care about our patients’ well-being. Our friendly team of experienced dental care professionals is dedicated to providing each patient with individualised care and attention. We take the time to get to know our patients and their unique needs.
Byford Smiles offers affordable pricing without sacrificing the quality of care. Our dental clinic accepts major health funds and offers interest-free financing options. We know that oral health care can be expensive, so we work hard to keep our prices competitive.
Byford Smiles is a dental practice dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality, long-lasting results. That’s why we’re always keeping up with the latest advancements in modern dentistry. Using the latest technology, we create beautiful smiles that last a long time.
Byford Smiles is passionate about helping patients achieve their best possible smile. We offer a wide range of quality services at our practice, which can help to elevate your smile. We are committed to providing exceptional oral health services to make you feel confident about your smile.

FAQ's About
Implant-retained Dentures

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by our patients to provide you with a better understanding of implant-retained dentures.

Implant-retained dentures are becoming increasingly popular, but not everyone is a good candidate. You must have adequate bone density and healthy gums for the implants to be fitted properly into your jaw. You should also be free of systemic health issues that might hinder dental implant success.

Please schedule a consultation for dental implants at Byford Smiles to determine if implant-retained dentures are suitable for you. Our experienced team of dentists can evaluate if implant-retained dentures are suitable for you.

Implants are typically made of titanium alloy. They are considered safe since titanium is biocompatible. This means titanium can be absorbed and used by the body. According to studies, implant-retained dentures have a success rate of 96.9% to 100%, making them generally safe to be used as a tooth restoration option.

Implant-supported dentures are like traditional dentures. They are composed of a set of artificial teeth attached to a gum-coloured base. The dentures are removable to allow cleaning and are clipped onto the implants afterwards. The difference is that an implant-retained denture attaches to dental implants instead of simply resting on top of the gums. It has small attachments on the bottom that “snap” onto implants that were surgically inserted into the jaw. 

The implants act as a substitute for your natural tooth roots and as an anchor for replacement teeth for a more stable denture. A traditional denture can sometimes be modified to function as an implant-retained overdenture. The vast majority of the time, however, a new prosthesis must be designed and manufactured.

Compared to conventional dentures, implant-retained dentures feel more natural. However, there may be an adjustment period following placement. It may take several weeks for you to get used to it. Once your mouth adjusts to your artificial teeth, they won’t feel any different from your regular teeth. They are anchored into the jaw by small titanium posts. This gives you the stability and security you need to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Dental implants are generally not covered by Medicare or health funds. If your health fund does not cover dental implants, you may still be able to receive financial assistance if you have a high level of extras cover. It would be advisable to check this with your health fund provider for more accurate information on what is included in your insurance policy.

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