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Whiten your teeth and boost your confidence with professional teeth whitening at Byford Smiles. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team, we can help you achieve brighter, whiter teeth quickly and easily.

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Flash A Brighter Beautiful Smile With Our Teeth Whitening Treatment

A beautiful smile is one of the most important features of a person’s appearance. Unfortunately, many people are self-conscious about their teeth because they are not as white as they would like them to be.
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Over time, our teeth can become stained and discoloured. This is often due to smoking or drinking coffee, tea, and red wine. No one wants yellow or discoloured teeth. It’s not only embarrassing, but it can also make you look older than you are.
Byford Smiles offers professional dental whitening treatments that can lighten your teeth by several shades in a single visit. Our treatments are safe and effective, and we use the latest technologies to achieve the best results.

Types of Teeth Whitening in Byford Smiles

A dazzling smile can be achieved with both in-chair and take-home whitening.
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Take-Home Whitening

Take-home tooth whitening is a procedure that uses a custom-fitted whitening tray and bleaching gel to brighten teeth. Custom-fitted whitening trays are fabricated using a mould of your teeth. A couple of syringes of bleaching gel will be provided by your dentist for you to dispense into your whitening trays. The trays need to be worn for 30-60 minutes a day for two weeks. This may vary depending on your needs and the kind of bleaching system used. Since take-home whitening trays are removable, in order for it to be effective, patient compliance is key. Read More

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In-chair Whitening

In-chair tooth whitening is a procedure which aims to lighten teeth and remove stains and discoloration with the use of bleaching agents applied by dental professionals. This procedure takes roughly an hour and a half to complete and it provides immediate results. The whitening process begins with the placement of protective sheets and gels that will keep the cheeks, lips and gums from having contact with the bleaching agent. The bleaching agent is applied on the tooth surfaces and is exposed to a blue light, which activates and promotes the whitening process. Bleaching solutions used in in-chair whitening are more potent than those used in take-home treatments, so results are evident immediately. Read More

Why Our Patients Love Byford Smiles

Byford Smiles focuses on managing your dental concerns and helping you achieve a healthy smile you deserve at an affordable price. This approach has allowed us to cultivate an outstanding reputation in our community.
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At Byford Smiles, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed as you undergo your cosmetic dentistry treatments. Whenever you have concerns, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. We also offer a variety of sedation options to ensure you are pain-free and worry-free as you receive quality dental treatment and exceptional service.
Affordable dental care is one of our priorities. We accept major health funds and we offer flexible payment plans so that patients can focus more on their oral health instead of treatment costs. In order for our patients to have a smooth payment process, we work with them to find the payment option that will work best for them.
Byford Smiles provide patients with high-quality dental care using the latest dental technology. We keep up-to-date on any new advanced dental procedures and we offer patients procedures that will benefit them the most.

Our dental practice offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including teeth whitening, denta hhl veneers, dental crowns, and dental bridges, as well as more advanced procedures such as smile makeovers. Our skilled dental team has performed these procedures for countless years.

Frequently Asked Questions
for Teeth Whitening

To give you more information about teeth whitening, here are some of the most common questions about the procedure.

Teeth whitening can have a positive impact on both your physical appearance and psychological well-being. The following are four benefits of teeth whitening:

  1. Teeth whitening boosts your self-esteem
    Self-confidence will skyrocket with teeth whitening. No matter where you are, whether you’re on a date, giving a presentation or just walking down the street, a confident smile with bright, sparkly teeth is hard to miss! Having whiter teeth can also indicate to others that you care about your appearance and take care of yourself.

  2. Whiter teeth improve your appearance
    Our teeth become stained over time by food, coffee, tea, and soda. Overtime, discolored teeth can be unsightly and can make you look older than you are. After whitening your teeth, you’ll notice that your teeth will look more beautiful and your smile more bright. Additionally, having whiter teeth can make you look younger.

  3. Teeth whitening can lead to improved oral hygiene
    Studies have shown that people who whiten their teeth are more likely to take better care of their mouths overall. They are more likely to brush and floss regularly, and they are more likely to visit the dentist for regular checkups. In addition, teeth whitening can also make it easier to identify early signs of tooth decay, so that you can get treatment before the problem gets worse.

  4. Teeth whitening won’t break the bank
    Cosmetic procedures are usually expensive but if you were to compare the cost of teeth whitening to other cosmetic dental procedures, it would be the more affordable option. With teeth whitening, you don’t have to spend too much money to improve your appearance. You pay a relatively small price but get big results.

At Byford Smiles, we’d love to help you get a whiter smile! Book an appointment to learn more about our teeth whitening options, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure that has numerous benefits. However, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. Teeth whitening is most effective on patients who have healthy teeth and gums, and who have yellow or stained teeth.

Not everyone can undergo a tooth whitening treatment safely or effectively. People with the following conditions or circumstances may not be good candidates:

  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Individuals with restorations such as fillings, implants, veneers, crowns, or bridges
  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Individuals suffering from periodontal disease, tooth decay, cavities, or exposed roots
  • People who are allergic to teeth bleaching whitening agents like peroxide
  • Individuals with sensitive teeth
  • Those who seek unrealistic or blinding-white results

If you’re considering teeth whitening, it’s best to consult with your dentist to see if it’s right for you. They can perform a thorough examination and help you determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment.

Although teeth whitening is considered safe, you may experience some side effects:

  • Tooth sensitivity.
    Bleaching agents leave the teeth dehydrated and porous making the teeth sensitive to cold and hot temperature. This effect is transient as the teeth remineralizes and rehydrate. Some dentists recommend topical fluoride application to reduce the sensitivity.
  • Irritated gums.
    The bleaching agent used in teeth whitening contain peroxide which can cause tissue burns. To avoid this, protective rubber sheets and gels can be used to prevent the bleaching solution from coming into contact with the gums. However, in some cases, some of the agents can still seep through the barrier. When this happens, you’ll notice whitening of the gums and pain. To address this, a drop or two of Vitamin E oil can be massaged over the area. Mild gum irritation usually resolves within 24 hours.

Your in-chair whitening treatment will begin with a dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar.
Removal of plaque and tartar will initially whiten your teeth and it will also ensure that there are no impurities present that may interfere with the bleaching agent’s access to the teeth.

After cleaning, retractors will be used to keep the lips and cheek away from the teeth. This will give a direct view of and access to the teeth to be whitened. A protective sheet or gel will be placed over the gums as well. Keep in mind that the bleaching agent used in in-chair teeth whitening is very potent. The cheeks, lips and gums must be kept from having any contact with the bleaching agent as it may cause tissue burns and whitening of these tissue as well.

Once the surrounding tissues are protected, the bleaching agent or gel will be applied over the front surfaces of the teeth. To activate the gel, the teeth will be exposed to a specialized blue light. This light can damage you eyes which is why goggles will be given to you to protect them.
The bleaching process can last for an hour.

Despite patients’ concerns that whitening treatment will hurt, it is actually painless. The procedure may cause a slight tingling sensation or a slight warmth, but don’t worry, this will not harm your teeth! After the whitening procedure is completed, your teeth will be rinsed and you’ll be able to go home with your new smile.

Due to the wide variety of whitening options, the teeth bleaching results can last between six months and three years. For most cases, the results tend to last about a year. The differences in the longevity of the result is due to the different types of bleaching agent used as well as the lifestyle of the patient.

A person’s diet and oral hygiene habits are the two most important lifestyle factors that affect how long bleaching results lasts. The whitening results of patients who continuously smoke, drink coffee and tea may last for a minimum of six months. Afterwhich, they might need to have teeth whitening again. The teeth whitening results of patients who have poor oral hygiene also tend to last for a shorter period.

Many people whiten their teeth in order to achieve a brighter, more youthful smile. While whitening can be a great way to boost your confidence, it’s important to note that it is not a permanent solution. In order to maintain your whitened teeth, you will need to take some extra care when it comes to your eating habits and oral hygiene routine. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid coffee, tea, and dark-coloured beverages: 
    These beverages can stain your teeth, making them appear yellow or discoloured. If you can’t give them up entirely, try using a straw to drink them in order to avoid contact with your teeth.

  • Brush and floss regularly: 
    Be sure to brush at least twice a day and floss once a day. This will help remove plaque and other buildups that can cause stains.

  • Use a whitening toothpaste: 
    Whitening toothpastes contain special ingredients that help to remove surface stains and keep your teeth looking bright and sparkling.

  • Quit smoking: 
    In addition to the many other health benefits of quitting smoking, it will also help your teeth stay white.

  • See your dentist regularly: 
    Along with professional cleanings, your dentist can also offer additional treatments to help keep your smile bright.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your whitened teeth stay looking their best.

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure. However, despite its low risk, this procedure still carries certain risks that should be considered before going through with it.

  • Tooth sensitivity: 
    Bleaching agents cause the teeth to become porous making it sensitive to hot and cold temperature.

  • Gum irritation: 
    When the bleaching agent comes into contact with the gums, it causes tissue burn. When this happens, you will notice whitening of the gums.

  • Tooth damage:
    Teeth may be damaged by bleaching agents that seep through the cracks and unfilled cavities of the teeth.

  • Over-whitening: 
    Sometimes people get a little obsessed with maintaining a bright smile and over-bleach their teeth. This can lead to more irritation and even pain.

When done properly, teeth whitening can significantly improve your smile and boost your confidence. In any case, we strongly recommend that you consult with our dentists before choosing any teeth whitening method, whether at home, or in the office.

Teeth whitening treatments are expensive for a variety of reasons. 

First, the materials required to perform the procedure are costly. Whitening gel, for example, is an important part of the treatment and can be quite pricey. In addition, the equipment required to perform the procedure is also expensive. Teeth whitening machines use high-powered lights to accelerate the whitening process, and these lights can be quite costly.

Secondly, in order to do it safely and effectively, dentists that provide teeth whitening treatments must have extensive training and experience to perform it correctly.

Finally, teeth whitening is often not covered by dental insurance, so patients have to pay the entire cost out of pocket. As a result, patients consider teeth whitening to be an expensive dental procedure.

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