Dental Fillings in Byford

Dental fillings are a necessary part of keeping your smile healthy. Fillings help to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay. Without them, teeth would be more susceptible to infection and pain. Byford Smiles uses the latest technology and materials to ensure that your filling is strong and natural-looking.
dental fillings in byford

Restore Your Damaged Teeth With Dental Fillings

Cavities are uncomfortable and troublesome. They can cause pain, and make it difficult to eat or drink. If left untreated, cavities can lead to more serious problems.
restore your damaged teeth with dental fillings

Dental fillings are a common and effective way to manage cavities and tooth decay. When a tooth is damaged by decay, it can be painful and cause infection. Fillings can restore the health of the tooth and prevent further damage.

Byford Smiles offers dental fillings as part of our comprehensive dental care services. The materials used for fillings, such as composite resin, are high-quality and durable. They are also designed to match the color of your teeth so that they blend in seamlessly. Our team of experienced dentists will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that meets your needs and goals. If you have a cavity or other problem with your teeth, we encourage you to call us today to schedule an appointment.

Advantages of Dental Fillings

Broken teeth can be quickly and painlessly handled with dental fillings.
advantages of dental fillings 1

Improves the structure of the tooth.

Your tooth's structure is improved by composite fillings. A filling will give a tooth much-needed support instead of hollowing it out. Additionally, the application of fillings does not harm your teeth.

advantages of dental fillings 2

Strengthens fractured teeth.

Fractures can be repaired with fillings. A fractured tooth can occur from sports or an accident. If you chew on hard candy or ice, your teeth can also be fractured.

advantages of dental fillings 3

Protects your teeth from decay.

There may be tiny holes on your teeth that don't qualify as cavities, but they tend to trap food particles. They can cause decay over time. Composite fillings can seal these troublesome holes effectively.

Why Our Patients Love Byford Smiles

In dentistry, it is better to prevent problems than to deal with them, which is why we teach our patients good oral hygiene and preventive treatments.
why choose byford smiles as your next dentist
Thanks to the comfortable atmosphere of the clinic and our friendly staff, our patients feel at ease during their appointments. Whenever you have a question, our friendly staff is happy to help. Our customer service is known to be outstanding.
We are committed to providing high-quality dental care at cost-effective pricing. Several major health funds are also honoured. We strive to simplify the payment process.
Our patients benefit from the latest in advanced technology. Our staff also keep up with the latest developments in the field to provide proper care for the entire family.
Your smile is our primary concern. You can rest easy knowing that we have various treatment options available to manage your particular case. Proper dental hygiene practices are also discussed during your consultations.

FAQ's About Dental Fillings

Cracked, broken, or worn down teeth can be tended to by dental fillings.

Location and extent of decay, cost of filling material, insurance coverage, and your dentist’s recommendation determine the ideal type of filling for you. Standard dental filling materials include:

  • Gold.
  • Porcelain.
  • Silver amalgam (mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper).
  • Composite resin fillings are made of tooth-colored plastic and glass.

Following are the steps involved in filling a tooth:

  • Tooth Examination
    A dental X-ray will be taken to determine the extent of the damage. Additionally, they will manage any other problems, such as fractures and cavities, before placing the filling to avoid pain, infection, and further decay.
  • Tooth Preparation
    A local anesthetic will be administered during the procedure to make you feel comfortable. As the anesthesia takes effect, your dentist will remove parts of the tooth that are damaged, clean any debris, and prepare it for a filling.
  • Filling Application
    Your dentist will use an adhesive material to help the fillings bond well. Depending on the degree of decay, you may need a single layer or multiple layers of fillings. A visible curing light is used to harden composite or tooth-coloured fillings.
  • Polishing the Filling
    Dentists will shape and polish the filling to make it look and feel natural. You will be asked to bite down to make sure that the fillings are properly applied and that there will be no problems while eating.

To fill cavities and prevent further tooth decay or damage, composite restorations are used. Today, composite fillings are stronger, more durable, and can last for years. These are tips you can use to care for your fillings:

  • Brush and floss twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks
  • Limit or avoid hard to eat foods or objects such as bottle caps, fingernails and pens
  • Don’t drink dark liquids, like coffee, tea, and red wine
  • Be sure to visit your dentist regularly.
Fillings typically last around ten years. Amalgam and ceramic restorations may last much longer. While there are several factors that affect the durability of fillings, the materials used can give you a good idea of how long they should last.
Yes, health insurance policies can cover general and routine dental services such as scaling, fillings, and extractions, as well as major dental such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. If you have questions about your dental coverage, you should contact your insurance company.

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