Cost Of Dental Implants in Australia: What You Need To Know

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Indeed, dental implants procedure can be expensive. But how much is “expensive”?

More importantly, is there a way to cut the cost of dental implants? Or spread the payment expenses?

You will find the answers to those questions (and even more) in this guide. We hope to walk you through the cost of dental implants in Australia, the payment plans, and the factors that could shift the scale.

Before we delve into the details, however, let’s do a bit of recap.

What Are Dental Implants?

what are dental implants 1

In the simplest definition, dental implants are titanium makeshifts for missing teeth. They sit either on your bone (subperiosteal) or within it (endosteal) to substitute directly for the lost tooth.

Unlike other tooth replacement aids, these kinds provide the most natural feel. With dental implants, you can eat and care for your artificial delights as usual.

The best part: dental implants can last for as long as you care for them – even a lifetime. Plus, they (mini-implants) can fit and help other oral surgical procedures.

Dental Implant Cost In Australia – The Breakdown

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Factors That Determine The Cost Of Dental Procedures

Cost is relative and an aggregate of several factors. In essence, the “usual expensive” dental procedure for your case may be relatively affordable.

In all, here are the primary things you should consider about the cost of dental implants:

  • The dental implant itself – what kind do you need?
  • The location – does prices generally ten towards the extreme in your locale?
  • The dentist – does he accept loans from third-party companies? What is his level of experience and expertise?
  • Your dental issue – how complex is your challenge? How many teeth will you remove? Will you need bone grafting?
  • Time

The Breakdown

Spoiler alert: the prices we quoted can fluctuate. Nevertheless, they are the averages you can expect.To get the “real” quotes, visit and inquire from your preferred dentistry.

There is no one-fit-all price for dental implants. First, you must consider how many teeth you want to remove. How about the preliminary stages? Will you need bone grafting?

That said, here’s what you can expect (sourced from National Dental Fee Survey, 2017):

Dental implants can cost you up to $5,563, and that figure is only for a single tooth. If the procedure requires more complex procedures such as bone grafting, expect to pay around $11,500.

But let’s be specific. How about the breakdown for the cost averages across the six states in Australia? Let’s see!

Note: the table below summarizes the instances in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Also, this breakdown didn’t account for bone grafting or sinus lifts.

Item No(s) Dental Service(s) Cost Breakdown
012 Oral Exam – Periodic $55 – $75
661 Implant Abutment – Per Abutment $871 – $1328
672 Full Crown to Implant – Veneered $1673 – $2500
Total $2599 – $3903

Note: in complex procedures, like All-On-4 implants, the item numbers are different, and the total cost could rise to $40k. Such figures are expensive, eh?

Perhaps you could cut costs by going outside Australia for your dental implant procedure. Is the surgery cheaper abroad?

Should You Go Overseas For Dental Implants To Save On Cost?

should you go overseas for dental implants to save on cost 1024x576

Short answer: no!

The price range of dental implant procedures in Australia and nearby countries are roughly the same. In the USA, the process could cost up to $4500 per tooth. In Canada, the expenses are lesser at $4000.

However, remember that you will pay for other travel charges. Besides, you yet have to worry about your safety.

About safety, you have to worry about COVID19. Is that a chance you’re willing to take? Unlikely!

In essence, travelling overseas for a dental implant procedure isn’t cheaper than in any of the six states in Australia. Worse: you will even expose yourself to unsafe conditions for your health.

So, no! Instead of travelling, choose safety. Plus, there are other ways you could lessen the burden of the expenses. How? Split the payment and look for suitable payment plans!

What Are The Payment Plans For Dental Implants?

Good news: several dental care providers across Australia offer various payment packages. Some of these deals range from discounts to spit payments.

So, you have a host of goodies. However, here are our three top picks you could consider:


nca campaign lp 02 (4)

Like the name, the AfterPay let you spread payments even beyond your dental procedure. Beautifully, the provider has an e-process which makes it easy to use.

Once you apply on their app or website and get approval, you can get up to $1400 for your dental procedures. The best part: the money is interest-free.

The only conditions here are that you must:

  • meet the 18-years age requirement 
  • have a credit/debit card to link to AfterPay profile

In-house Payment Plan

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If you don’t meet the requirements of AfterPay, check with your dentistry. Often, dentists lend their assistance through third-party providers.

Here, the dentist has a payment plan unique to him. He then signs you on through his third-party. That way, there is automation on repayment and the entire process.

In such a case, always ask questions. Here are some of the things you should ask:

  • What is the interest rate?
  • Does the plan or loan need you to meet a credit score?
  • What’s the repayment plan, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly?


This payment plan works similarly to AfterPay. Powered by Openpay, this setup lets you pay fortnightly for your dental implant procedure through instalments.

About instalments, MySmilePlan can offer you three choices regarding your dental procedures:

  • The 3-month plan – covers a max of $500 treatment
  • The 9-month plan – coverage ranges from $501 to a maximum of $2000 treatment
  • The 15-month plan – covers treatment within the range of $2001 to $9000

Regardless of the payment plan you choose, you must pay an initial 20% of the total expenses. Doing so will activate the zero-interest MySmilePlan.


Are Dental Implants Worthwhile Investments?

are dental implants worthwhile investments 1024x576

Short answer: yes!

It’s your teeth and oral health, and anything that helps you to appear naturally is worth all the money. Think about the social boost your smile will bring.

Furthermore, with dental implants, you can continue with your routine diet varieties with no worries. More importantly, the replacements can last for as long as you live.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, dental implants can be pricey. Even at that, they are the best kinds of tooth replacement. Moreover, you can always get discounts or even spread the expenses to a convenient rate.

We will advise you to get one at a discounted rate here in Australia. Ditch stress, and instead, welcome comfort and bright, healthy teeth.

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