Dental Implants Overseas: Is It Worth Traveling Overseas To Get Dental Implants?

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Understandably, you find the cost of dental implants in West Australia too steep for your budget. We all do!

Mind you: dental implant procedures are expensive all over Australia. So, it’s not only at your end – we understand you. But does that mean dental tourism is the way out? Is travelling overseas cheaper than getting the implants in our backyard here in Australia?

If the overseas are “cheap” hives of dental implants, how about the risk? Are you even safe? Keep reading to find answers to all your questions!

Why Should You Get Dental Implants Overseas?

why should you get dental implants overseas

Not that we are projecting dental tourism as bad. No, that’s not what we intend to do. We are here to enlighten you, our reader.

That said, the main lures of going overseas for dental implants is the cost. And honestly, the offers are incredible!

Going to countries such as Malaysia can be a combination of tourism and dental fixes. And all that fun would cost you half of what you’d have spent on our Australian dentistry.

Another reason most Australians go overseas for dental procedures is the acclaimed expertise from beyond the shores. But is that true?

We agree that select overseas destinations are cheap for dental implants. Why select?

Dental implants in countries like Canada and the USA remain the same as the typical average in Western Australia. In that case, you don’t need to waste your time.

On the other hand, countries like Malaysia and Thailand have cheap dental procedures. But to what ends? What benefits would you obtain? How about the cons? More importantly, what risks are there?

Pros Of Getting Dental Implants Overseas

pros of getting dental implants overseas


Undoubtedly, going overseas for your dental fixes in countries like India, Malaysia, and Thailand is pocket-friendly. In some cases, the quotes could even be so low that it is one-third of what you would have paid in Australia – even with discounts.

Even for single tooth replacement, the differences are glaring. Now, imagine getting a dental procedure such as all-On-4 implants that could cost up to $40k.

A Shot At Tourism

Outside dental replacement purposes, you might never go to countries like India. Now, however, you can and for tangible reasons. And while you’re at it, you won’t even have to worry about tour expenses. The savings on your dental procedures will cover it all.

Opportunity To Network

Aside from tourism and the cost-benefit, going overseas lets you connect with patients undergoing the same issues as you. Not only that. These patients also have the same desires. In essence, you will make connections that could make your life or even business better.

Despite all the benefits of going overseas for dental implants, it has tons of disadvantages. Here are our top picks:

Cons Of Getting Dental Implants Overseas – Why Are They Cheap Over There?

cons of getting dental implants overseas why are they cheap over there

It Is Not Cost-effective

While going abroad is cheap for dental implants, it is not always the best. For a start, the time you’ll spend overseas won’t suffice for an adequate/typical implant. How so?

Dental implants can take up to a year, and it involves various back and forth. Are you ready to spend a year vacating in India?

If you continue with the rushed work, you won’t get effective results. Worse: you will damage your treatment. When that happens, you will spend almost triple what you would have spent in Australia.

Lack Of Experience & Tools

This point is in no disrespect to dentists in India and Malaysia. The truth, however, remains that there is a shortage of experts in these countries. Besides, the so-called foreign experts don’t even have the tools and surgical processes necessary for dental implants. That’s even going too far.

Most of these out-shore dentists don’t have regulated bodies or a license. Unfortunately, there is no way you can even verify the ones who claim certification.

Unhygienic Practices

Once there are no equipment and surgical standards, you can expect manual procedures. Unfortunately, such means can be dangerous. And for a delicate area like your mouth, unhygienic practices are the last thing you want.

Safety Concerns

More like the unhygienic practices, overseas countries like India have their share of troubles. 

Besides, there could be a case of a pandemic. Now ask yourself if you’re willing to take all that risk. What risks?

What Are The Risks Of Getting Dental Implants Overseas?

faqs about dental implants 1024x576

COVID19 Concerns

In pandemic times like this, travelling out of Australia is unwise. What if you contract the COVID19?

If you did, that means you will be in isolation in a strange country. That’s not all. You will also lose contact with your friends and families.

Mind you: loneliness is the last thing you want in isolation. Loneliness aside, can you even vouch for the country’s effectiveness to test and treat the pandemic?


As Aussies, we are one of the easy-going groups on the planet. While we tolerate certain behaviours, what happens at the slightest altercation with a foreigner in his country? Can you get assured security? Against violent events, how secure is even the country’s security forces?

Irreparable Damage To Your Health

Say the country has no COVID19 – and that is unlikely. You can’t stay there for the typical lengths of dental implants. In other words, the dentist won’t attend to you gently and with precise attention.

In essence, the risk of developing new damage to your teeth is high. Yet, there is the implant that won’t even heal. Unfortunately, all those risks will spiral down into full-blown irreparable damage to your overall oral health.

Instead of taking all that risk, stay back here in Australia. When you do, here are the benefits you stand to reap:

Why You Should Get Dental Implants In Australia

why you should get dental implants in australia

Let’s start with COVID concerns. Indeed, the pandemic is everywhere. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that the state maintains strict safety protocols. Even dental care providers maintain such strict guidelines.

On dental care providers and their quality: Australian dentists and facilities are amongst the best globally. So, you are in safe hands. Besides, you will enjoy follow-up treatments that an already delicate procedure like dental implants needs.

We understand you yet have worries about the cost. Well, you could use insurance. Also, there are payment plans you can use to spread the expenses to your convenience.

Final Thoughts

Travelling overseas for dental implants seem cheap. But they aren’t cost-effective. The procedures are unsafe and would deteriorate your condition rather than alleviate it.

In all, we will advise you to stay back in Australia. Get quality treatment, follow-up, and more importantly, get your oral health back to its usual best.

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