Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive? What You Should Know

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Just like you, we ponder on the same question often: what is so unique about dental implants that make them expensive?

Perhaps you don’t understand how expensive dental implants can be. 

Here’s a clue: a single dental implant, on average, costs the same as a complete set of dentures.

Now, doesn’t that seem outrageous? That begs the question: why do dental implants cost so much?

This article will provide answers to your questions. And to understand even better, we will walk you through the basics of dental implants and what makes them so expensive.

Understanding Your Dental Implants – The Expensive Teeth Replacement Aids

What Are Dental Implants?

what are dental implants 1

Dental implants are one of the numerous tooth replacement options. Unlike most, they are permanent and the most natural.

By natural, we mean that dental implants fit into your jawbone as your teeth would. 

Beautifully, you can care for the implants like you would your natural teeth. By that, we mean you can brush twice daily and even floss. You don’t need any night removals or soaking in a cleaning liquid!

How can dental implants feel like natural tooth?

First, the procedure involves surgery. Also, dental implants are direct replacements for your missing teeth. In the place of roots, they have screw-line titanium bases.

These bases osteo-integrates with your jawbone to create the perfect replacement of your missing tooth. And thanks to titanium metal, dental implants are as tough as natural teeth.

Different Types Of Dental Implants

what are dental implants

Dental implants are generally of two kinds:

Endosteal Implants

These kinds are more like the typical definition of dental implants. Here, a dentist will create an opening in your jawbone.

This opening is usually at the lost tooth for direct replacement. After, the dentist inserts the implant, allows it to integrate with your bone, and then he fits the crown.

Subperiosteal Implants

Unlike endosteal, subperiosteal doesn’t need deep cuts into your jawbones. Instead, these implants can make do with sitting on the bones or even your gum.

Subperiosteal implants are almost similar to how dentures work. However, there are no adhesives, and the process involves surgery, and it is permanent.

Instead of adhesives, dentists employ a similar process as grafting for subperiosteal teeth. They open a cut on your gum and insert the implants until it merges with your jawbones.

Either way, both endosteal and subperiosteal implants are permanent teeth replacement options. The former, however, is more popular.

Nevertheless, there are cases where subperiosteal implants are a better fit. Examples of such instances are when you don’t have enough bone to support the endosteal option.

Regardless of the two options you use, dental implants still trump all other teeth replacement procedures. But why?

Why Are Dental Implants The Best Teeth Replacement Option?

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No other teeth replacement option comes close to dental implants’ beauty. They are the perfect replica of your natural white delights.

Overall, these implants complement your dentition. With them, you can smile as usual without fear of some part of your teeth looking odd.


Unlike other teeth replacement aid, dental implants are the most convenient. Indeed, you will experience mild pains at the onset. Such setbacks will subside with time.

After the early pains, the use of dental implants is as easy and natural as your teeth. With them, you won’t need intensive oral care. All you need is adequate hygiene.


Dental implants can last for decades – even till your last breath. This feature is perhaps their most prominent benefit.

Indeed, you will spend big on dental implants upfront. Afterwards, you won’t cough up additional or renewal bills.

In all, these implants are worth all the troubles and expenses. About expenses, just how much do dental implants cost?

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Australia?

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Regardless of your location across the six states of Australia, you can expect similar quotes for your dental implants. That said, note that only your preferred dentist can give you an exact figure.

Nevertheless, here is the average:

If you want a dental implant for a single tooth replacement, the bills could amount from $4000. Should you require additional surgical processes such as bone grafting, the expenses could rise to about $11,500. For multiple teeth replacement, a dental implants procedure will cost up to $7500.

Why Are Dental Implants Expensive?

why are dental implants expensive

The usual pricey cost of dental implants is down to three factors:

Precision And Expertise

Unlike other teeth replacement options, dental implant procedures require laser focus. Any mistake and you can suffer irreparable damage to your dentition.

For that reason, only top dentists work on the processes. Unfortunately, precision and expertise lead to more money.


Dental implants aren’t quick fixes. It takes time to fit and heal, and that could take up to a year.

First, you book an appointment with your dentist – where he examines your teeth. Then, he inserts the screw-like implant. That’s not all!

After the insertion, you go home for up to 3-6months for your jawbone to adjust and integrate into the implants. After, you go back to the dentist to fit the crown. All that back and forth undoubtedly leads to more bills!

The Material

The titanium metal in itself is expensive. And it is so because of the durability and safety.

An inferior material could easily infect your teeth. And plastic is even out of the equation. Why?

If dental implants had been plastic, they wouldn’t last. Worse: they would eventually wear off and be misfits for your mouth.

That leads us to the last question: if dental implants are so expensive, should you choose dentures instead?

Should You Pick Dentures Over Dental Implants?

dentures implants graphics

Firstly, both options meet different requirements. Dentures are fit for complete teeth replacement. Plus, they don’t need bones; they can easily stick to your gums.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are perfect for a few teeth replacement. Then, you will consider the bone requirements. Another factor to consider is cost.

Indeed, dentures are more affordable than dental implants. Still, the former (unlike the latter) are often part of most insurance companies’ plans.

Overall, we will advise you to stick to dental implants. Their benefits outweigh their costs. Plus, they are often one-time fixes.

Final Thoughts

Dental implants merit all their attributable expenses. When you consider the expertise, time, and material, you will see that the price is a bargain. Moreover, good health is never too expensive.

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